Thursday, November 25, 2004

happy tofurkey day!

This Thanksgiving, I had a vegetarian fete with The Actress, Minneapolis's most beautiful and totally bitchin' resident. And yes, I ate the Tofurkey. And it was good.

Technically, I have had no tryptofan today, but I'm feeling mighty drowsy. I think I may need to nap, and then go back for seconds... or, thirds. I think I have lost count.

With no further ado, in the grand quasi-tradition (2002, but not 2003) of The Center Of The Universe,

A list of things I would like to thank, in no particular order:

1. Ice cream. It is delicious, gives me needed calcium for strong bones, and often comes with chocolate.
2. How, two days ago, the cat crawled into my lap and then stayed there, of her own free will.
3. My parents, for my hazel eyes, which happen to look very good with orange shiny eyeshadow.
4. Orange shiny eyeshadow. And large hoop earrings. Gawd how I love the large hoops.
5. Rachel Ray, for introducing me to Bourbon Pecan Smashed Sweet Potatoes. I rocked the table with those bitches!

And to shake things up a bit,

A list of things that should be thanking me:

1. Flare jeans. My constant battle against tapered jeans only highlights just how awesome you are.
2. Every single ex-girlfriend who has gotten back together with my most recent ex-boy/girlfriends. My ability to bring couples back together is astounding.
3. VH1. I supported "I Love the 90s", even when others doubted.
4. The guy I made flirty eyes with at Cafetto in Minneapolis. I'm sorry, I don't live in this city, but I just couldn't stop myself with the "are you looking at me, or am I looking at you" awesomeness.
5. The chick behind the counter at the above coffee shop. That's right, I tipped you a dollar-- I appreciated your mohawked head and tight retro-coca cola tee shirt hotness.

Adios, amigos. Buen dia de accion de gracias.