Friday, December 31, 2004

happy new york day

The Actress, trend-setter that she is, emailed me with a "Happy NYE and NYD". For half a second, I was like, "new york evening? new york eve? new york day? happy new york day?"

Then, I pulled my retarded head out of my (lumpy but not cancerous) ass and realized its New Year's Eve and tomorrow is New Year's Day. Shite! I have no resolutions!

Last year, I wrote myself a fake New Year's horoscope and listed the cat's resolutions. This year, I think its time to be a bit more introspective and honest.

So, uh.. I resolve to do some things.. and not others.. and uh, stuff.

How about instead of lame-o resolutions, I do a survey.

I stole this from Killy, who is really cute btw, and made some modifications because thinking of three things for every topic is waaaay to much work.

A name you go by: The Most Beautiful wondrous Person Ever

A screenname: None of your business, Internet stalker person!

A thing you like about yourself: My amazing ability to KEEP EATING

A thing you dislike about yourself: My amazing ability to put on weight. Stupid food!

A part of your heritage: Sweden Rocks!

A thing that scares you: Tapered pants are the devil. Resist!

An everyday essential:
Typically, a Metro card that I haven't inadvertently de-magnetized by keeping in the same pocket as my cell phone, thereby losing thirty fucking dollars. Well now I got the SmartTrip card BEETCH, so there!

A thing you are wearing right now: Yesterday's pajamas. Is that gross?

A favorite band/artist at this moment: The Shins

A favorite song at this moment:
I hate all songs right now. I've finally undertaken the Grand MP3 Project of 2004 and gone through every Mp3 I own, all 1200 of the fuckers, to correct file names and tags so that I can undertake Part II of the GMP 2004, making my playlists in my iPod actually correspond to their descriptions. I think the GMP 2004 will soon be the Never Ending Mother Fucking MP3 Project of Fucking 2005 (NEMFMPF 2005).

A new thing you want to try in the next 12 months: Christ, I can't come up with any resolutions, now you want actual plans? Fuck. Uh.. eat food and sleep.

A thing you want in a relationship (after love):
More time. Or, how about a relationship that lasts? And I don't think that's a lot to ask for really- I mean, I'm not talking about forever, or anything, just more time. To date someone past the Happy Period (where everything they do is magic) and into the I'm Gonna Yell At You Cuz I Had A Shitty Day And You Won't Dump Me Period. I really want to take my anger out on someone who sticks around.

A truth and a lie: I've actually been wearing these pajamas since Wednesday night. I love tapered pants.

A thing about the opposite/same sex that appeals: Attraction. (I'm grumpy after that whole relationship question. I mean, fucking A!)

A thing you can't do: Get my lazy ass to the gym.

A hobby: General crafty-ness. Its a lifestyle, really.

A thing you want to do really bad right now: Make out.

A career you consider: Too late! This dumb question is too late! I already considered my career and am now in grad school to get it! Except, I don't think I really want to be a librarian. I think I want to be an archivist. Or Indiana Jones.

A place to go on vacation: I love burritos, so Tex-Mexico.

A kid's name: Kids! KIDS! First resolutions, then plans, then fucking relationships and careers- when does the pressure end?!

A thing to do before you die: Hahahaha.