Tuesday, December 21, 2004

ooh, i have an anonymous fan!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but there has been a SHIT STORM here at the Center of the Universe this week. YES, you people have gone COMMENT CRAZY. I have EIGHT WHOLE COMMENTS on the post from the 19th (immediately below).

For this awesome commenting, I would personally like to extend my deepest gratitude to the following cast of crazies:

1. Killy
2. Mr. Cranky Pants
3. The Actress
4. Anonymous
5. Myself

What awesome comments! What great debate! All of you, pat yourselves on the back- you know I already have for my own contribution!

Also, I should acknowledge both my mother and The Analyst for their continuous commenting skills. These two have never given up and are never afraid to let their voices be heard, even when no other reader has commented before.

Last, but not least, to Haloscan. Your improved service means that I haven't had to remove your code not even ONCE since I started using your service this most recent time around. Perhaps others would have walked away from such a temperamental and tempestuous relationship- but I saw something special in you, and now you've given me so much. Thank you.

A note to my anonymous friend- the little counter on the bottom also tracks information on visitors. You are totally busted! First, you live on the East coast and use Verizon. Second, I'm pretty sure you use Windows ME. I just so happen to have CERTAIN FRIENDS who use Windows ME and also live on the EAST COAST. One of them is also CURRENTLY taking classes THIS SEMESTER.

YOU - ARE - SO - BUSTED, Ms. Polly Jaye Cudlass.*

Unless it is not you at all, and therefore I don't know anything except that I wrote about Heather Tesh ONCE and have had 3 search engine queries for it this week alone.

Yikes people, yikes.

*Not her real name. But she knows who she is. Oh yes, you do, don't you..