Friday, December 17, 2004

the semester is dead, long live the semester!

I'm done! Done! So very done!

I finished the "rough draft" of both of my take-home finals' essays yesterday at work. There isn't much to do in the office so I ditched any legitimate work I might have had and decided to do my school work instead.

But Center, why did you put rough draft in quotation marks?

Peace, little one. I'm getting to that.

When I write an essay, I just write the damn thing- single space, misspelled words, ellipses, assorted bad grammar and all. I go from beginning to end, or as close as I can get, in single session. If a paper takes me more than one session to finish, I pick up where I left off and don't look back. This kind of writing is exhaustive, so that when I do finally finish whatever I am working on, the last thing I want to do is turn around and read the damn thing over.

Which is why I say, "rough draft"- because really, my rough draft is my only draft. Oh sure, I'll spell-check and do a cursory read through, but that's about it. I will admit, if it is a very important paper, say 20 pages and a third of the grade, I will take more time with it. But otherwise- write, spellcheck, save, print.

The thing is, I am just smart enough to have this work for me. I'm just smart enough to get away with not having to work that hard.

Fuckin A! It totally rocks!

So, here is what me and my big brain are gonna be doing over the next two weeks, before I go back to work and class:

1. Pleasure reading
2. Knitting and/or other craft-ing
3. Sleeping
4. On-demanding tween movies
5. Sleeping

Hmm, I have no concluding thoughts. I'm brain dead.. who wants to think when you can watch Degrassi.