Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the ch-ch-cheesiest

I prefer ghetto Mac and Cheese.

When I was younger, we used to go to Shoppers and I would get this store-brand that was so effing good. It was slightly sweet, but cheesy. I can't describe it, it just rocked.

Now I always try the weird, lower down, back of the shelf brands.

I just had one, and it was kinda gross. I overcooked the noodles-- not that Mac and Cheese is possible to make "al dente" cuz um, its fucking Mac and Cheese. However, instead of getting soupy with extra milk, which I prefer, the sauce just got thicker. And the cheese taste wasn't really there. It was like eating cardboard. In sauce.

AF, Anonymous' GF, makes a mean mac and cheese with some kind of awesome secret ingredient. But she won't reveal the recipe.

So I eat cardboard in sauce.

Thanks AF, thanks.

Also, because of AF, I have a terrible addiction to Chewy Spree.

Oh and from the commercials, I can totally tell that Craig is going to be bipolar this season on Degrassi.

Once again, another blog about nothing. Reason #A-9872345 I rock.