Wednesday, February 16, 2005

how to say asshole in swedish

First, let me just emphasize what a terrible day this has been.

First, I wake up more than late. Then, I wear the worst clothes ever. I get to the Metro, all the way to the stop and realize I am 1. in the worst clothes ever and headed for work and 2. have not taken my medications.

Normally, the med thing would be ok, I've missed some here and there before, no problem. However, I go immediately to Sweden tomorrow after work. Today, I was supposed to go immediately to work and then to class and then immediately home to pack for the immediate aforementioned trip. So missing the morning medications meant missing the pill for today. And waiting til the evening to take the pill means being 12 hours off, right before an 8 hour plane ride and time change. And did I mention relatives? Cuz I have some in Sweden.

Who the hell wants their period in Sweden?!

Long story short, I turn right around at the Metro station, decide to have a fun couple of minutes shopping for Sweden, spend too long, get late to my home, change into more appropriate attire, take the meds, run for the metro again, show up to work 30 minutes too late, and then find out that mention has been made of those who do their homework too much at the front desk. Those, of course, being me.


AND THEN, I turn around and email some entirely asshole-ish emails and spend the rest of the night chewing the inside of my lip over my too visible inner asshole.

Bluergh! Yeraugh! Blahkkh! And other assorted sounds of disgust!

And now I go to Sweden.