Friday, February 11, 2005

two is better than your shit

I am living a bipolar lifestyle.

Half the week I am a city-gal, cruising around with my iPod and my cool Jackie O sunglasses, walking alone at night (but with confidence), then stopping at the chinese-owned mini-market to buy myself a bottle of wine to drink with my homework. The other half I'm suburban-chic, riding around in my SUV, renting movies from blockbuster, stopping at the whole foods organic market for some foccacia and arugula before going home to my huge tv.

From 12 PM Tuesday to 7 PM Thursday, I'm in the city. From 8 PM Thursday to 10:30 AM Tuesday morning, I'm suburbian again. Tuesday to Thursday I work, go to class, and sleep. Thursday through Tuesday I sleep, watch TV, and cram all my homework in Monday night.

I've dropped enough stuff at my dad's apartment that now I only have to travel with my moisturizer and my iPod, maybe a textbook (I have no tests this semester so why do the reading?), and various carpal-tunnel friendly pens and pads of paper.* Both homes have my dove soap, my undies, and my boxes of mac and cheese. Both have wireless internet and computers so I can constantly stay online. Both have access to Degrassi, the Next Generation.

But only one has my furry-face kittykins, who I think is getting insane-er, not adjusting to, my absence. And only one has conditioner.

I love my dad, but the man bought two-in-one shampoo. And I love Dove products, but the Dove two-in-one just ain't cutting it. I have brittle, dry, fly away hairs!


*No really, pens are either friendly or not when you have CTS. The thicker the pen, the less horrendous pain, numbness, and potential surgery. I feel like someone could make a really dirty joke out of that last sentance-- but not me, of course. I'm a lady.