Friday, March 18, 2005

pea plantin time!

The admin at work just told me its time to plant your peas, if your going to be a-planting this spring. Who knew? This whole time I've been complaining about the state of religion in liberal America and I almost missed PEA PLANTING TIME.

My dear readers- I promise never ever again to be as serious as I was in the previous post. It makes me uncomfortable to actually express what may or may not be real true opinions of mine to you, the general internet community. Oh sure, I can tell you how I feel about tapered pants, cross-eyed librarians, lesbians, and Vin Diesel, etc., but my thoughts on world politics? WOLFOWITZ? Are you KIDDING ME? Its the WORLD FRIGGIN BANK! Gah!

I mean-- tapered pants are bad, lesbians are great, cross-eyed librarians are everywhere, and I love Vin Diesel but I think maybe Ryan Gosling may be replacing him in my heart.

Let's talk about Ryan for a second. He was in a little show called Breaker High, back in the day. Breaker High was made in Canada. Canada is also the home of Radio Free Roscoe. Radio Free Roscoe just had Craig from Degrassi as a guest star.

Life Lesson #73: It always comes back to Degrassi.