Thursday, April 07, 2005

friar what?

I'm coming out of the computer lab, thinking about the MySQL and PHP homework assignments I was just working on. Its been a long day. I was at work from 11 to 4, then did homework from 4 to 6:30. I'm headed for my classroom, where I will be participating in a pre-class lab session from 6:30 to 7, followed by the actual class from 7 to 9:20. I'm counting just how many hours of my day will be spent programming (about 7) and whether or not I want to have my last cigarrette now or after class.

I hear some yelling and from the corner of my eye, see a figure in brown, waving his arm.

I look up. Is that a monk? Is he yelling at me? I do one of those awesome 80's movie things where I check to see who is standing behind me and than turn back, point at myself, and silently mouth, me?

"What?", I say

Across the street, a monk (oh yeah, brown robe, rope belt, sandals- a real ass motherfucking man of god) screams,

"What's that face?"

Me: "What?"

The monk: "What's the problem, huh?"

He is loud and jocular, walking perpendicular to where I am. And across the street. A monk is shouting at me from across the street. Does he think I am a Catholic? Is he gonna demand I say my prayers? Do I know any Catholic prayers?

Me: "Oh. Ha ha, just homework, you know."

The monk: "Stop looking so serious. Relax."

Stop looking so serious. Relax. Me. From a motherfucking monk on a Catholic school campus right after the friggin Pope died.

Yesterday, a monk told me to stop looking so serious and relax.

I think I have just reached the comic pinnacle of my life.