Monday, April 11, 2005

my soul, my heart, my crap

MKD decided to publish some of her poems from when she was in high school.

In the spirit of one-up-man-ship, I'm going to publish two poems, one pre-puberty, and one post.

Pre-1994: My Garden*

In the garden of
my imagination
flowers bloom
without frustration
for there is
endless rain and
endless sun
to keep them
blooming one
by one.

Post 1994 : Untitled**

Blood wells where skin shattered
Cut and torn, broken and battered
Tears fall into a bottle blue
filled with essence of pain
and heartbreak
Anguish coarses [sic] a body through + through
tired of living + ready to break,
Blood well where skin shattered
Cut and torn, broken + battered.
Knives crack the bottle blue
Releasing the pain + heartbreak
Hands clasp over bloodied wound
As tears fall free + the will to
live takes

And I'm out.

*Just so you know, I didn't space that purposefully. Its a very small little notebook and I had big pre-puberty handwriting.

**I can't tell which is awesome-er, not having a title, or using + symbols instead of "and". Although, mispelling "coarses" is pretty awesome too.