Friday, May 27, 2005

hipster librarian?

Recently, I have been on the forefront of cool music. I've been groovin' to bands you never heard of and then telling you about them. You take a listen and your mind is totally blown. I'm the cool kid. Worship me.

Ok, back to reality.

Sometimes, Rolling Stone makes recommendations for new bands that are actually cool. Your wondering, what the hell is Center doing reading crappy old Rolling Stone? Well, I got a free subscription for a year, which of course turned into an automatically-charged-to-my-credit-card-without-my-consent subscription, so I am trying to make the best of the situation even though they wrote an article about how Paris Hilton is a symbol for our times. As the Analyst said after reading it:

"They are not part of the solution."

Occasionally, I will actually follow up on one of the recommendations. What boggles my mind is that I seem to be the only person doing it. RS is read by bah-jillions of people, what the hell are you lazy assholes doing? I found the White Stripes through them, before they were on the radio. And the Detroit Cobras, a totally awesome band that should have been discovered instead of the Whi-aste My Time Stripes. Everyone was like, "ohmigod the white stripes are so awesome!" and I was like, "yeah, they are totally played out."

Then, through some blogs, I heard mention of the Killers. I'll admit it, MKD beat me to the coolness on that one, but the minute I head "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier" in her car, I was hooked. A sale at Tower got me the Kills new cd, the free MP3 downloads on Amazon (didn't know about that one, didja?) showed me the New Pornographers, My Morning Jacket, and the Postal Service, and somewhere along the way I heard My Chemical Romance (am I the only person in America who doesn't like them?), the Decemberists, and Bloc Party. By the time you were talking about Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse, I had moved on.

What's really surprising is that I am so not this cool person who knows about music. Typically, I'm more like, "Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, y'all!!" and by last year, I think I finally heard The Chronic.

But here it is people, the one album that you need to own and listen to:

MIA, Arular.

That's Em Aye Ahe, not "mia". Anyone with an ounce of indie street cred has already bought this album and is ridiculing me for being so late to join the bandwagon. So all of you should go out and get this now, and you can pretend you were there from the beginning too.

The girl salts and peppers her mango. Galang galang galang!!!

I also recommend the new Garbage album, because its like old garbage but with fun 80s new wave over tones. I just downloaded Peaches (!!! WARNING NOT WORK FRIENDLY, SO TURN UP THE VOLUME AND PLAY THE FATHERFUCKER!!!!), The Teaches of Peaches, which is an older album, but so effin hot--- "Suckin on my titties like you wanted some getting some" (er, sorry mom). I enjoy the Gwen Stefani, if only for being able to yell out banana- BE AHE en ah en ah ESS! I'm returning to my roots and working on a massive download of old weezer, although I haven't heard the new album. Also, buy the Detroit Cobras. Seriously. You won't regret it. And, if you are adventurous, check out La Mala Rodriguez. She's spanish gangsta rap and she is fucking awesome. None of the "oh I'm a touch chick look at my boobs!" crap that the females are hustling around here.

Word, mofo.