Monday, May 16, 2005

summa tiiiiime and the livins eazee

I'm in the mood for lists.

Things I Have Already Completed From My To-Do-This-Summer List:

1. Found old college friend, Crazy Pete.
2. Emailed/Called/Got in touch with The Cubadorian

Interesting Things I Discovered After Completing Said List Items:

1. Wow, Crazy Pete. Let me tell you about CP.
A. He was crazy, in a untreated manic depressive kind of way. He was also incredibly smart, in a so-smart-it-drove-him-to-being-an-untreated-manic-depressive way. Think Van Gogh, cutting off his own ear. Or whatshisface, chasing the white whale. Ahab?

B. Hanging out with him was like sitting next to that one nutter on the bus who occasionally says things that make a lot of sense. Except CP always kinda made sense to me, which sort of weirded me out and impressed me at the same time.

C. Finding CP via Google was weird. Finding a web site that doesn't reek of craziness was even weirder, and totally unexpected. I kinda just wanted to see if he was still alive, but now it looks like he is alive, and possibly even well. And knowing this makes me strangely even more ambivalent about actually getting in contact with him. Hmm, something to ponder.

2. The Cubadorian likes living in NYC. He name dropped seeing Liev Schrieber at the bar he works at.
A.Liev Schrieber isn't all that famous. I would rather see Natasha Lyonne, if I was gonna see some indie-less-than-famous-star cuz her shite is aaaallll fucked up.
i. I heart trashy celeb gossip! I'm a bad person, but jesus christ someone tell me what Britney is doing RIGHT NOW.

Things Left To Do On My To-Do-This-Summer List:

1. Get a hair cut
2. Email/Call/Get in contact with Mr. Cranky Pants
3. Actually purchase one of those special cheap fares someplace, instead of just looking at the ad and thinking about it everytime I open a freaking newspaper.
4. Possibly combine number three with a visit to The Analyst, The Actress, or my Boston Peeps.
5. Read at least one classic literature novel or text a month
6. Go the gym three times a week.
7. Figure out what the fuck to do with my time now that I don't have homework.