Friday, June 17, 2005

friday i'm in love

Is it just me, or was this week particularly long?

On Monday, I was all, "this day never ends!" and left work one and a half hours early. On Tuesday, I said to myself, "Christ, I need a break" so I left work half an hour early. On Wednesday, I was like, "Shit, its Wednesday already? When did that happen?" and Wednesday night I had terrible insomnia so Thursday I didn't go to work at all. Today the archives is only open from 9 to 12pm and I probably would not have come in at all if my boss hadn't emailed and said no one else would be in to cover the front desk.

But it was also a PMS week. Let's map emotions to days, shall we?

Sunday- Slept all day and night. Made promise that in one month to friend's wedding, will eat healthy, take vitamins, drink tons of water, exercise.

Monday- tired, angry, bloated. Bought Wendy's and Twizzlers. Snapped at MKD for offering me a ride.

Tuesday- tired, angry, fat. Bought ice cream. Elated to finally finish download of Roswell season three, disc one. Watched Roswell episodes one and two while eating ice cream.

Wednesday- Good walk to work. Pissed afternoon because even though I don't like her, the Stupid Idiot didn't come in so I had to photocopy. Met up with friends for beers. Fuzzy headed and not able to make as many witty comebacks as usual. Didn't sleep, so instead watched silly dyke movie with Gina Gershon (not Bound).

Thursday- Slept all day, worked on job applications for hard to get into places. Wroth, some rage. Ice cream and japanimation.

Friday- Mother made mistake of talking to me pre caffeine-ation this morning, but I behaved admirably. While taking online survey, had to check 25-34 box, instead of 24-30. Why do those 24 year old bitches get five years and I'm in the decade-long age group? While making link for "not Bound", realized Bound came out in 1996, when I was 16, officially making me old. Really have to pee but no one else here to cover front desk.

Saturday- Predict general improvement across the board. 10% chance of mood swing. Less bloating around the mid-states with improved facial conditions in the North. Low humidity.

The Frenchman wants to go clubbing or something this weekend but I am a little scared to go clubbing with a European. I don't like trance or house or any of that "electronica" crap and while I smoke cigarettes and drink martinis, I prefer the fruity ones and I'm not so good at keeping an indifferent look on my face. For example, if I see tapered pants, I will probably make a "christ, what IS wrong with that person! its 2005!" kinda face instead of the "I'm hip and indifferent to you stupid americans and I think your sneakers are too sporty" kinda face.

I'm not really looking forward to Father's day this weekend because it is just one more holiday this year that has to be totally redefined and experienced a-new, due to my current state as an Adult Child of Divorce. 2005 has sucked as far as celebrations are concerned. My biggest complaint is that no one does things for the family, you know- fillintheblank holiday is family time so even though I'm in a crap mood, I'm here for family time. Obviously, no one is making that individuals-for-family-sacrifice because we are no longer a family. I am a family with my dad and I am a family with my mom and we are all trying to have the best time possible given the materials we have to work with. Perhaps I am the most thankful, this year, that my extended family is in effing sweden and the other side is cult-y, because then I'd be four families and two is fucking hard enough. Thanks Santa.

Wait, was that thunder? Possibility of freak electric storm at 5% and rapidly increasing. Keep those umbrellas handy, kiddies.