Wednesday, June 01, 2005

home on the range

So I went looking for a job. Yeah, I have a job, but its a part time job, no benefits, and as much as I love being a carefree student, I'm really missing the ability to spend money. Oh sure, I could spend all the fake money the credit cards give me, but then I have to spend even more money paying those off, and I would rather have cash in hand when I go to the Gap, knowhatI'msayin.

Like a good american, I went looking for a federal job. Why not spend the government cheese, if I'm gonna be spending something, right? And in DC, federal jobs abound. Actually, there are a great deal of federal jobs just about anywhere, if you look for them. The army is currently looking for librarians for Stuttgart and Britain, but they pay dick.

I found two that looked promising. Both are slightly not on my level (hey, just like my last few boyfriends, ba-dum-ching!). One is too high, looking for at least two years in a masters program or work experience and I only have one. The other is bit below, where you don't really need a masters at all (and I've really gone into some debt for this fucking degree, I'd like to actually use it).

One is here in DC, the other is in Pecos, New Mexico.

Yeah. Pecos. 50 miles from Las Vegas... Las Vegas, New Mexico, that is.

But see, its a temporary position, 6 to 7 months only. I could take a leave from school and not have to worry about paying off my loans because they give you that six month grace period. The salary is decent. There are benefits. And its in New Mexico, someplace I've never been, which totally counts for my list of things to do this summer (number three). I know number three literally says to buy one of those cheap airfare deals and go someplace, but what it really means is Have An Adventure.

Adventure? Pecos is all about that shit! It has a lovely national park with great fly fishing. Sure, I don't eat fish, but I could still take up the sport. There are lots of latinos, so I could eat tex mex the whole friggin time in one of the town's five total restaurants. I could wear cowboy boots and shirts and step on snakes at one of the two stoplights. When I come back, I'll have little grains of golden dust in the lines of my weather beaten face and you'll wonder what I really saw out there, in the desert, on those cold, lonely nights.

Cayotes! (Kai-yotes, to you city-folk). Injuns! Cowboys!

Holy shit! I could get a one-bedroom apartment close to Santa Fe for $600 damn dollars a month!! A two bedroom for $650! Its like I'm saving money already!