Wednesday, June 08, 2005

its not the humidity, its the damn heat

Its summer here in MD'sville. 80 degrees and rising, humidity through the roof, and I hate it. I get all sweaty and feel smelly and gross. Like today, when I wore my new sandals and then stepped on uneven concrete and fell on my face because my sweaty foot slipped in the open toed, delicate ankle strapped, on sale, wedge-heeled shoe I bought last night.

Luckily my hands and my knee slamming into the concrete prevented my pretty pretty face from getting all cut up. Sadly, the same cannot be said for my knee.

So I salute my brave knee, which is currently throbbing, and thank it for literally taking a dive. Way to kick in on time-- pun intended! And to my reflexes- that was some fast decision making! Good job!

In other news, sometime this past weekend my hair finally reached the length where it can curl again. This whole year, as I have been growing it out, my hair has been flat and strange looking. Poofy but not curling anywhere at all. This weekend, suddenly one morning, viola! Curly hair.

I send a second salute to my hair. If it wasn't so fucking humid outside, you might look good, but curly hair + humidity = frizzy mess. So, thanks for curling, but why the fuck did you wait til summer?! Damn yo, that's messed up.