Friday, June 10, 2005

two steps forward

I decided the awesomest thing I could do for you, my sweet interfriends, was provide pictorial representation of the harm that I did myself on Wednesday.

Skin missing from the back where the ankle strap RUBBED it off. Posted by Hello

Bonus feature: please admire how nicely I blend in with white fabric.

Blister! Posted by Hello

I have to admit, I had some fun picking the dead skin off after it popped WHILE I WAS STILL WEARING MY SHOE.

Quick impression of myself: "Hmm, whats that wetness I feel in my shoe? Oh. Ew."

Oops, I scraped my leg off! Posted by Hello

That doesn't look as bad as it was. This is because the combination of flash and my white-ass skin results in the appearance of a mild pink abrasion. Neverthless, upon seeing my leg, most reactions went like this:

Person who Makes Super Ugly Face: "Oh my Gawd, what did you do?"

However, I am healing nicely.

Ah, time DOES heal all wounds. Posted by Hello

Awesome Double Bonus Feature:

My curly hair! Posted by Hello