Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ugh and ack and puke

MKD and Killy are both pressuring me to blog and shit, but I'm inna crappy mood and can't think clearly.

Its PMS, I'm sure, because I go from being ok, to sadness to RAGE to WRATH to FURY to sad and back again whenever I think about, oh, anything.

The Stupid Idiot at work just affirmed that one of the jobs I applied to is especially hard to get. How irritating. Its at one of the great museums here in DC, so I kinda already knew it would be hard to get. Hard to get is like their hiring motto, it was practically on the job application. People call and they answer, "Hard to get, Michelle speaking, how may I help you?"

I never mentioned the ST before because she's dumb and I try to not waste time on her. Even though she graduated, she is allowed to contine working at the archives for the summer. So not only did I have to endure two separate classes with her this year, but she is constantly HERE as well. She is the type who starts talking to you just so she can talk about herself. She asks if you have heard anything from jobs just so she can be reassured that she hasn't heard anything either. She wants to know what grade you got on a paper or how much homework you had to do for that class so that she can make sure her grades are better and her amount of work is more difficult. She brags about being friends with gay men to show how cool and alternative her lifestyle is. At more than one moment I have almost said: "Shut up, fag hag, I am (possibly) gay." She is the kind of person that drives other library students to hang out with each other and complain about her.

And, I have personally heard her say the following things:

"But its not racism if its true."


"I have a moral problem with catholic churches because I think the statues are idolatry."

I think I am developing a moral problem with her. How I am feeling right now does not improve the situation.

In this state of (un)mind, I don't want to see anyone, talk to anyone, have anything to do with anyone, and I'm extremely irritated that you all have lives and are not hanging out with me.

I'm going through some Adult Child of Divorce rage and some Person with Depressive Disorder rage and some Possible Gay Person rage and some other stuff and the damn lining I bought from Dr Scholl that he especially made for sandals is SLIPPING OUT OF MY SANDAL, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.