Wednesday, July 13, 2005

miss me?

Probably unbeknownst to most of you, I was away for the past five days. And not just away from the computer or away from blogger. I was AWAY away--out of town and on vacation.

Yes, I was on VACATION. Technically, you might say I am currently on vacation, as it is summer break. But since I have to work to pay tuition and am taking a class later this summer, my life right now is not truly a vacation. Its more vacation-ish.

For two non-consecutive glorious days, I was in New Jersey. That's right, I said glorious and NJ in the same sentence. You would find the Jeerz glorious too, if you could be hanging out with The Analyst there. Nanny nanny boo boo.

For three and a quarter glorious days in between the time in NJ, I was in Boston, living it up college-style.

I drank. I crashed on someone's couch. I drank. I stayed up late and slept late. I hung out with friends and went to bars and drank. I ate burritos and pizza and spent money like I had money to spend. Then, the drinking really started.

Come Sunday, it was time for all of us to put on our grown-up clothes and go to the first wedding in our peer group. The Other Half, to forever more be known as my friend B., is now officially someone else's heterosexual life partner. Good for her. I'm difficult.

I totally cried during the ceremony. I was trying to play it cool until I looked over and saw The Artist getting all red-eyed and then I lost my shit. I was like, "OMG that dress is so pretty and she is so pretty and he is so sweet and they love each other and and.." and the tears came a-flowing.

Crap, there goes my street cred.

I'm pretty sure that everyone at the wedding who is currently in a couple was subjected to the, "soooo, when ya gonna bite the bullet and get hitched too, eh? eh? HA HA HA. Eh?" annoyance, mainly cuz I'm also pretty sure that I was the one asking. Depending on where in the drink cycle I was, I may well have asked it twice of the SAME couple. Sorry guys.

At the reception, there was a lot of throwing arms around each other and talking about how long we all knew each other and how amazing it was to be so grown up, and jesus, can you believe I am 25 now? and you are too! and let's have another drink! going around. Everybody was big hugs and smiles and love. Then later, after the reception and at the bar, we were drunk smiles and sloppy hugs and someone (cough cough the artist cough) started CRYING because she was so SHITFACED DRUNK she out shitfaced a guy named- no joke- "Shitfaced Alan". Although to be fair, she heard some upsetting news, so it was totally justified to be all emotional and shit. Although to be more fair, later that afternoon, screaming "where's my bag?" over and over at her boyfriend when the damn bag was right at her feet and he kept telling her that over and over was really really SHITFACED DRUNK.

I got some pretty good photos, and then right when B. was walking down the aisle, I filled up the memory card. I had no idea that the memory card could be filled. Not wanting to interrrupt, I decided not to hysterically scream, "Stop EVERYTHING! Someone show me how to delete photos NOW!" during the exchanging of the vows. While I might not have accurate coverage of the entire wedding event, I did finally learn how to delete files and took some good shots of the reception. Then my battery died, from all the turning on and off and deleting. So, lucky for her, The Artist totally got away with being so damn shitfaced drunk. Bitch.

However, these two monkeys here, not so lucky.

Jesus, that picture makes me laugh.