Tuesday, August 23, 2005

middle of the week

We interrupt your normal inter-wanderings to bring you this Center of the Universe update:

While busy working on her next super long blog on an as-yet-undisclosed topic, she would like to let you know the following things:

1. She needs a hair make-over. We're talking the works: highlights, lowlights, shampoo and cut, and blow-out. Anyone have a spare $200?

2. Norway's Annie and Columbia's Shakira have both put out some excellent albums. Annie's is in English, but Shakira has a ska on it.

3. Sin City kicks ass. Why didn't Robert Rodriguez put more goodies on the DVD?

4. RealPlayer has a radio station out of Stockholm University that totally totally rocks, except for this afternoon when they inexplicably started playing Christian Pop/Rock. She wishes she could understand Swedish to find out if this was meant to be a show of hipster irony, or in fact, there are some people who like to hear Christian Pop/Rock at Stockholm University.

That is all. Please return to your regularly scheduled lives.

See ya real soon, ya hear?!