Friday, September 23, 2005

miracles do happen

Today I saw perhaps the most catholic thing I will ever see in my entire life.

Going to a catholic school (in fact, THE catholic school in the US), I have experienced some strange stuff. Monks have told me to stop looking so crabby and relax. My first day of class, there was a nun convention. The school newspaper has angry editorials by seminary students (future priests) about the state of the library.

But today, as I was walking towards my future Chik Fil A lunch, I swear to, um, god, that unto me appear'd a most holyth scene:

A lone monk, bearded but young, in pristine white robes. He was sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree, reading what was probably a Bible in ancient Aramaic or some shit. It was quite literally what you would expect to see in a movie about going to school at the USA Catholic university. Its never what this place actually looks like.

I've drawn you a picture.

People who were walking along side me literally turned their heads, craned their necks, and dropped their jaws looking at this monk under his little tree. I was half expecting some giant hands to descend from the sky and big voice to say, "Verily, he isth a righteous man! Mazeltov!" And then some cherubs would start singing.

Just the other day, I saw a monk a pull a Palm Pilot out of his robes to schedule an appointment with a student. What would christ do? Buy the best, newest, and shiniest PDA on the market, natch.