Tuesday, September 13, 2005

secrets are easy to tell

I'm not the kind of girl that can save her last cigarette. I just realized this about five minutes ago when I smoked my last cigarette. I was meaning to save it until later this afternoon so that by the time I get out of work and off this smokes-aren't-sold-here-but-lighters-are campus, I won't be too jittery or snarly. Instead, I smoked it because I really wanted to smoke a cigarette and later today be damned.

I'm also not much of a "save it for later" dessert eater. If its sweet and delicious, I must eat it and I must eat ALL of it and I probably must eat all of it RIGHT NOW or at least, very soon. However, I am not an "eat dessert right after dinner" gal. I like to wait, maybe an hour, maybe more. This gets to be a problem in restaurants. I really don't eat dessert in restuarants.

I hate opening my mail, aside from personal letters. The only mail stuffs I consistenly open are my credit card bills. I have been late paying bills simply because I kept putting off sitting down and writing the check until I actually forgot and then, of course, remembered a day too late. All other mail stays unopened in growing piles that drive my mother insane.

Even if I am extremely tired, I will stay up late. I will set two alarms to get up early and get things done in the morning and then snooze through both of them.

I do not feel obligated to do something if I am in a bad mood, no matter if family is involved or how long ago I made plans and/or promises. This includes going to work. I honor and respect my bad moods and if I am in one, I put it first. This is only after I have seriously considered whether or not its the kind of bad mood that can be shrugged off or forgotten.

I love biting my nails. I let my nails get to a certain length, and then I bite them off. Just prior to the biting off, when my nails are a little longer than usual, they are really good for popping pimples. I love squeezing crap out of my face or pulling really huge boogers out of my nose. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I never do work when I sit at the front desk. Like now.