Wednesday, September 21, 2005

testing, testing 123

I'm trying to figure out how to blog via email.  Then I can be super-sneaky and make it appear that I am working on my email, instead of wasting time on my blog at work.  And occasionally, my emailing is work-related.  So, really, everyone wins.
If this blog works:
I am now an official member of the library sciences profession.  That's right, I have a REAL job in the REAL library sciences.  I'm practically an Audio Visual Archivist, although that's not what the position is actually titled.  You say potato, I say Archivist with a capital A.
Now, its only part-time, so that's kind of a drag.  20 hours a week for dick money, but I get healthcare and free tuition.  In the end, getting this job saves me about $9K in educational loans PLUS I get real professional experience for my future dream job-- Archivist to the Stars.
I've thought about this a lot.  Celebrities and famous people desperately need archivists.  All those tapes of movies and various headshots and awards collecting dust somewhere?  Do you know that dust actually eats away at alkaline-based materials?  Think about the number of rap moguls that probably have records and cassettes just lying around on bookshelves.  Terrible!  They don't know how to take care of these items for the long term.  Hundreds of years from now, how will people remember Brangelina or Bennifer if we do nothing now?!  Therefore, I shall be the Archivist of Hollywood and get to run around wearing dresses from Gone with the Wind and giving Oscar acceptance speeches in front of mirrors and.. I mean, carefully inventorying, arranging, and preserving these great treasures for future generations. 
In other news, I am totally of the opinion that using Bittorrent is perfectly within my rights as long as I remain in grad school.  As I am taking one class this semester, torrenting anime by the bucketloads is okay with me.  And the new Kanye West album.  And maybe some other albums and a movie or two, but really, nothing much in the grand scheme of things.  Plus, I'll tell at least two people about how great the thing I just torrented is and they will go out and buy it, therefore ensuring that our free-market economy and the American Way of Life prospers. 
If this email-blog thing didn't work, well tough titties for you.  I'm an information scientist.  Nyah Nyah.