Friday, September 09, 2005

to irk, to irritate, to bother

1. What the hell is the difference between lacrosse and Field Hockey? I mean, what really is the difference? Don't give me any crap about how one has a stick with a net on it. As far as I can tell, lacrosse is a men's sport that due to Title IX can now be played by women, but Field Hockey is plaid skirted girls. Well, I think the difference is negligible and from henceforth the sport shall be called Field LaCrockey. It shall be co-ed in nature, with both men and women in full Scottish kilts and swords and shit and there will be both throwing balls and hitting them with sticks.

2. Speaking of men's versus women's sports, what the eff with softball too? Its fucking baseball, just for girls. Screw this girls shit. Don't make me rename it Boftball.

3. Why is Gael Garcia Bernal everyone's It Boy and Diego Luna had to do Vampires: Los Muertos and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights?

4. Why do I kinda love Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights? Oh, right, that's why. And because, deep inside, I'm thirteen. "I <3 BOYS! OMG! ;) "

5. On the subject of hypocrisy: Kanye West can say whatever the hell he wants about Bush. He ain't calling me a golddigger, but he knows I don't date broke dudes, okay? Actually, I date broke guys all the time. And then they dump me. Assholes. But I digress- Why is everyone pissing themselves because some tech-nerd didn't realize Kanye went '>off-script? Don't we have a little something called FREEDOM of SPEECH, people? And seriously, now the JUDGES should decide who gets to marry and why? Am I retarded or does this sound ass-backwards. And why is NO ONE IN THE MEDIA pointing out this bullshit "whoops, it should be the judges who decide!" crap?

Whoops, I'm getting excessive with the caps letters. Time to boogie.