Tuesday, October 04, 2005

bloggity blue

I made friends with bloggers and now I can't stop comparing stats on my friends' blogs.  Why does MKD get so many random commenters and me NONE?  Its not like she is nice to them or anything.  How in the hell did Killy get 27,000 hits on her counter after only like A MONTH of blogging?  What if people don't like my blog?


Obviously, I'm in a state right now.  A mood.  An inconvenient lack of sleep exacerbated by my current task, which is scanning.

I love my new job but being in charge if digitization projects means EATING AND DRINKING AND SLEEPING THIS FUCKING SCANNER.  I'm sorry for the excessive caps use, but I'm feeling something here. Let me express more.

Why did no one in history just take the five seconds to write something identifiable on the back of a photo?  Listen up people-- it might be tedious, but fifty years from now you're gonna be wishing you took the moment to write "Idaho, 1993" on the back of that picture of you and your best friend Sally McSallerson because in fifty years, the BEST you're gonna be able to do is say "Um, ok its the United States, I'm pretty sure.  North America, definitely.  And I think, 1988?  Maybe late 80s.  Wait, is that even me in the photo?"

I know I just started at work, but I'm worried about the lack of email I am currently not-getting.  Was that a double negative?  I confuse myself.

You know how I said I was all pissed because both Mexico and Sweden ruined my radio-listening habits the other day? Now its the awesomest thing ever because I found globalpopconspiracy.com, which has got to be the hands-down best radio station it the world.  Its music.  All music. All the coolest music in the world.  No genre boundaries, no programming limitations, and no annoying djs.  

I quite literally just listened to "Bananas" by Gwen Stefani, followed by a fake voice-cameo from Whitney Housten and and now vintage ska-reggae.  OHMIGAWD now its Curtis "SuperFly" Mayfield.  And now its "Caroline" from OutKast!  Best song ever. 

My friends, I know you'd like to think your shit don't stink, but roses really smell like boo boo boo.