Wednesday, October 26, 2005

brought to you today by R, for Random Ass Shizz

I can't decide what to blog about. My brain is swirling with a lot of mini topics that I just can't seem to work into a whole coherent story. Here's a few of my thoughts:

How Lost is Becoming Excruciatingly Slow and Frustrating:
Its like the producers looked at 24 and decided, "hey, if filming a whole day in one season is so popular, lets film a whole week!! But instead of by the hour, by the minute!! No wait, by the second!! Great! Nothing will ever happen and it will take at least three episodes to figure that out!"

How This Week's Episode of Smallville is Somehow Inexplicably about Vampires:
Teen from another planet crashes to earth, is raised by do-gooders, and has super powers? Check. Meteor rocks cause odd mutations in local citizens, who inevitably go bad, forcing teen to become super hero? Cool, I can follow that. Lana goes to Paris and gets spiritually hijacked by some 16th century witch who burned at the stake, has a weird tattoo mysteriously appear on her back, and occasionally manifests powers that create neat looking purple auras and shizz? Um, sure, why not. I've been with you so far. But now, vampires? Its just one step too far.

And Speaking of the WB:
What the hell is happening with Gilmore Girls? Is there even really a plot anymore?

My Newfound Skill at FreeCell:
HOLY SHIT I BEAT FREECELL! I AM A GENIUS! I must play another game! And keep restarting the same game until I beat it! Restart! Restart! HOLY SHIT I BEAT FREECELL! Another game!

How Much I Hate RealPlayer and Administrative Privileges:
I hate RealPlayer! I wish I had admin privileges on this computer and could download WinAmp. Why can't I download on my own computer? Stupid IT department. Why won't RealPlayer play their own stupid radio stations?! Ergharhgh!

How Making Out is Better than Not Making Out:
Hmm, making out is way better than not making out.

Wow, did anyone else notice how often I ask myself rhetorical questions?