Sunday, October 30, 2005

i like the candy the best

This year for Halloween I decided to be a republican. I was going to wear my frumpiest suit-dress ala Nancy Reagan, with pearls, a little crucifix, maybe a Bush-Cheney 04! button or something (not that I own one, I was going to be crafty). Then I thought, why stop there? and decided to be Harriet Miers.

I might be a Zombie Killer, but I'm still cute as shit.

Same outfit, but add a crumpled up "Supreme Court or Bust!" sign on my back, some tear stains from my heavy heavy black mascara and a BUCK FUSH button (courtesy of MKD) on my lapel.

I also had the idea that my french roommate would be perfect as a French Man-- all black, white scarf, copy of Sarte or Camus in hand, and a painted on twirly black mustache with beret. He, however, did not think this was as funny as I did. Stupid French.

So we're wandering around Target trying to figure out what we can throw together for little money or less and he says, "I can be zee Zombie, no?" and I was like, "And I'll be the one who killed you!!"

This ended up being one of the funnest and easiest costumes I have ever done (even compared to the year when I went as the Manager of Best Buy and just slapped a sticker on my shirt that said, Manager of Best Buy).

I put tons of black and purple and grey makeup all over the French Guy, cut up an old shirt and dragged it through the mud as if he had just climbed from the grave, and then squirted fake blood on myself like I just bashed in his brains. Then I slapped some red paint on a baseball bat and we were good to go.

The French Guy, relieved not to be dressed up as my interpretation of a French Guy.

I have to say, a got some looks from people. Apparently, Zombie Killers are a little frightening in real life. Maybe I should have gone with less blood and more tear stains.

President Prugar represents as Kenny Rogers.. or is Kenny Rogers really running for president in 2016? The world may never know.

However, this Dolly Parton ladyfriend of his is HOTT HOTT HOTT.

MKD and AP went the butch/femme route this year as 1920s-style gangstef and his gal. MKD is the blond and AP rocks the mustache. Can you guess which one is more butch in real life? Hint- rhymes with Schmasian.

Five dollars says someone got a mustache ride later. HA HA HA

1225 Sunrise came as the deities they really are, and then spent the whole party threatening to smite anyone who opposed their rule.

Bitch stole my bat!

And so the Center of the Universe says unto you: Happy Halloween Bitches!!