Monday, October 03, 2005

radio radio radio

Radio is the same word in Swedish, Spanish and English.  Except its pronounced rauu-dio, rrrah-dio, and ray-dio, respectively.

I bring you this swed-spanish lesson in order to underline the fact that the two radio stations I most enjoy listening to at work are playing crap right now.

At work, I have access to RealPlayer and headphones.  Normally, I'm not too into RealPlayer because once a computer geeky friend of mine remarked how Real added a lot of extraneous crap to your computer when you downloaded it.  That just seemed wrong to me and so I've had a semi-official boycott on RP ever since (versus my official apple boycott- heeello, monopoly! illegal! - but that ended with the dawn of the iPod. And before you say, "why not listen to your iPod at work?" I'll tell you, Mister Smarty Pants Know It All, I have the 3rd generation iPod with the fucked battery that lasts like 2 hours and I really really need those two hours for my metro commute.  And yes, I know about the lawsuit and how I can get a new battery except the iPod was a GIFT so I don't have PROOF OF PURCHASE.  Fucking Apple).

I don't have administrative access on this computer so getting some other player on the computer would mean calling the computer dude and trying to talk him into believing that my work is dependant on having multiple music players on my desktop.  I did set up a free yahoo radio account, which is cool, but when I use it I get really really distracted by the voting system and spend hours marking how much or how little I like different songs.  I have the same problem when I go searching for free internet radio stations, one minute I'm googling "free internet radio" and then its five hours later and I've been web-surfing instead of working.

While RP does offer a bah-jillion stations, I'm so cool, I only want to listen to things that most people don't.  I found two independant radio stations, one from Stockholm University (Rockett FM) and another from the Universidad de Guadalajara (Uh, U of Guadalajara).  The Swedes play some awesome indie rock and occasionally something from a local death metal band.  The Mexicanos are more likely to play The Killers or whatever, but it will be a song that isn't played elsewhere.  All in all, I think it ups my cool factor by at least ten percent.

This morning, turning on the radio, what did I find?  Some kind of debate happening in Sweden and a call-in show on pediatric medicine in Mexico!  Fucking foreigners!  Give me my music!

I'm pretty sure it was a debate.  There were three distinct voices- 2 candidates and obviously some kind of moderator.  Plus, often there would be this muffled banging (someone making an important political point by banging on the podium) and muffled clapping.  In the end, not speaking swedish but understanding spanish well enough, I decided to keep the mexicans on.  Good thing I did because I now know a lot of words to describe various kinds of problems your baby may be experiencing.  Rawk on, Mexico!!

I'm currently trying out some Alt/Punk radio from Seattle.  A folk music song just came on.  What the fuck?

While doing a spell check on this post, I moved from folk to some kind of muslim music.  Acoustic muslim music.

 W T F, Seattle, DUBYU TEE EFF?!

Life lesson kiddies: diarrhea is not necessarily an emergency, but it is a sign that something is wrong with your child.