Friday, November 18, 2005

diamonds are forever

Now seriously, I love me some Sweet Caroline. I really really do.

In Boston, we would go to this strange little bar called T's Pub- The Place to Meet!- where townies, fratboys n' soror-o-whores, and freaks like us (ok me) would all congregate together for Wednesday's karaoke and the weekend dance parties. The dance floor was about 12 by 12 feet, the townies were all belly up to the bar, and the fratboys sang Madonna's "Like a Virgin". Almost every night, right after "LAST CALL!!" was called, they would crank up Sweet Caroline before turning on the lights and throwing all the bleary eyed assholes like us out.

And of course, everyone would sing "sweet caroooline BAH BAH DUM good times never seemed so good" adding in the "SO GOOD!! SO GOOD!! SO GOOD!!" chant right before the second verse.

I heard about this new Neil Diamond album, but like most classic artists who release new albums that are supposed to be hey! so surprising! its rather good!, I could not care less.* They already made good albums that I probably don't have the money to buy so I'm hardly going to go out and buy the new one and thereby lessen my hipster quotient. You can't like the new stuff more than the old stuff. Its Hipster Law #4922u745- A.

Curiosity got the better of me this morning and I decided to give it a listen.


Its-- sputter-- so fucking good?! Wha tha fuck?! I LOVE NEIL DIAMOND!! And not in a campy or ironic way! I AM SINCERE ABOUT MY LOVE FOR NEIL DIAMOND.

So I head over to Amazon to check it out.** And then I read this, which for those of you without an attention span, is the horrible news that Sony is putting little program thingys into their cds that leave your harddrive open to attack but prevent you from copying the cd more than once or something. I heard about this from MKD, actually, some weeks ago (her hipster rating is now an 8.988) and thought to myself, "Jesus Creezy those fuckers!" and also "I heart bittorrent!".

As you can tell, Sony violating our rights to privacy and fair use and shit is no big deal to me except for in that "this digital copyright shit is so fucked up why won't congress step up the plate and fucking do something about copyright law those republican assholes" kinda way UNTIL I FELL IN FOR-REAL-LOVE with NEIL DIAMOND.

Damn you Neil Diamond!! Neil Diamond is making me pay attention to current events! Neil Diamond is forcing me to give a shit about something other than myself and the special man friend! I HAVE A SPECIAL MAN FRIEND AND THIS MEANS I AM VERY BUSY BEING ALL IN LIKE AND SHIT, NEIL!***


*In 2005 alone--The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Aerosmith, et al. No wonder rock is dead, these assholes won't rest on their goddamn laurels.

**Pssht. I'm totally gonna bittorrent it, but not just for the obvious reasons. Keep reading.

*** Now that I have admitted to liking someone we are going to have to end things, natch. Look out for the "single again, ho hum" blog in coming weeks.