Tuesday, November 15, 2005

twenty twenty twenty four hours ago

So, MKD made a list saying everthing she did in the last 24 hours.

Then Mr Monkey Pot Pie left a comment on the blog admiting that he doesn't have the courage to say what HE had been doing these past 24 hours.

And so I read that and was like, PSSHT I would so totally do that-- and here we are, kiddies with

--in no particular order--

1. At work, I play a particularly hard game of Freecell. I beat it, natch.
2. On the phone, I play a particularly hard game of Freecell. Again, winner.
3. At my other job, I spend 30 minutes on a really damn hard game of Freecell. I was already about 3 hours late to work anyways
4. Find more nitrate film and am less impressed. Been there, done it.
5. I decided to go on a fruit juice fast.
6. Ate a small bowl of cereal, just in case.
7. Thought, coffee so does not count during a fruit juice fast.
8. Made plans to have dinner and drinks after eating applesauce during my fruit juice fast. Applesauce is practically a beverage.
9. Found a pack of cigarrettes and re-thought my morning plans to quit.
10. Tell a guy I minored in Spanish Lit and then when he asks "Habla espanol?", reply, "Yah".
11. Go to the grocery store and buy a lot of fruit juice.
12. Realize recently released crazy hormones are responsible for millions of pimples on my face and rapid weight gain, still think its time to detox and quit smoking, for real this time.
13. Find hidden stash of Halloween candy in fruit bowl. Think this is ironic.
14. Find out special man friend wants to wear "outfits". Disturbed.
15. Feeling lightheaded.
16. Stupid cat meows loudly in my face. I wake up to realize its two hours later than it should be.
17. Watch Prison Break.
18. Stay up another half hour to watch Invader Zim. Gir is so funny!
19. Waste twenty minutes in the bathroom staring at explosion of zits on my face.
20. Take a quick shower bcause I really want to get to bed by 11, at the latest, tonight.

Hmm.. my past 24 hours were wicked lame. Time to drink!