Wednesday, December 21, 2005

a day in the life

I can't think of much to blog about-- being so close to Xmas I'm entirely concentrated on PRESENTS YAAYY I LOVE PRESENTS!!! so, here's a list of

Things I have done in the past 24 hours:
-containing all the things that happened from 9 pm yesterday to 9 am this morning-

8:54 PM- Get home slightly drunk from the bar, tried not to weave or sway in front of Mom.

9:10 PM- Eat christmas cookies.

9:11 PM- Not so into watching tv drunk with mom in the room.

9:15 PM- Yay, Inuyasha!

9:50 PM- Tally ho to the freezer, more cookies!

9:55 PM- Damn that Naraku and his nefarious schemes!

10:30 PM- Am I sober enough to fall asleep or drunk enough to get the spins? What to do, what to do..

10:31 PM- Yay, Inuyasha!

11:10 PM- Christ, that pile of laundry is two feet tall. Gonna get on that soon.

11:11 PM- Brushy brushy brushy, teefy teefy teefy.

4:00 AM- Have to pee!

6:25 AM- Push cat off the bed, rollover. Ha ha stupid cat, do you really think I am getting up to feed you? The alarm hasn't even gone off yet.

6:30 to 7 AM- Hit snooze, twice.

7:10 to 7:15 AM- Drink coffee.

7:15 AM- Shit, where the hell are my long-johns? Do I have any clean knee socks?

7:15 AM and 45 seconds- Hmm, these socks don't smell too bad.

7:17 AM- Hmm, this shirt doesn't smell too bad.

7:35 AM- Drink more coffee.

7:45 AM- Brushy brushy brushy, teefy teefy teefy.

7:50 AM- Stupid Metro, always crowded.

7:55 AM- I spy with my little eye a-- a seat! Open the door already!

7:55 AM and 30 seconds- Push past people, get seat. Suckers!

7:55 AM and 50 seconds- Guy next to me says "sorry" while removing his coat from under my ass. I'm not sure he meant that.

8:00 to 8:45 AM- Damn, this crossword puzzle is hard.

8:45 AM- Hmm, "Prince William, e.g." Born to the t-h-r-o-.. no, that's definitely a p. Born to the? What's the puzzle title? Color? Born to the color? Color, color, royal, color.. Born to the p-u-r-p YES I AM A GENIUS- l-e.

8:55 AM- Sweet, I got to work early. Take that, "has trouble getting to work on time" job assesment thingy!

9:oo AM- Email says office is closing at 12 PM today. I love the catholic church!