Friday, December 30, 2005

thank god its almost over

So New Years Eve is tomorrow and then the holidays are over and none too soon, I say. You know I lovey dove love Christmas but seriously? I'm ready for the madness to stop.

Is it just me or was Xmas like five thousand years long this year? I have a party to go to tomorrow (boo hoo, so hard to be me) and then its all over, done with, the end.

Someone really has to come over and take these christmas cookies out of my house. I can't stop eating them--even the ones that I don't like. Pretty soon, I'll be so fat the paramedics will have to call the fire dept who'll get a demolition crew to come in and knock down half of my house to get my body out. And that will just be to get to work on Monday!

Ba dum ching! Hey-ooh!

I opened the christmas week crying over the internet phone (re: the parental divorce) and ended it getting dumped. No seriously, I got dumped. DUMPED.

Hey, what did you get for Christmas? WELL, this year, for Christmas, I GOT DUMPED.

But really, I'm just rubbing it in because the asshole who dumped me reads my blog. ASSHOLE*.

2005 wasn't really that great a year. If I actually paid attention to politics or world events, I could bring up New Orleans, Tom Delay, Iraq, FEMA, Michael Jackson (Dear Bahrain, thank you for taking him off our hands. Sincerely, The USA), that leaked name scandal, etc. etc. But, since I know only very fuzzily know about these things, I want to change the subject to the one thing that has gone right this year:

Brad and Angelina. Brangelina. Thank god the two most beautiful people** in the world got together. Finally. Its like, before this happened, nothing was really important and the world was dreary and grey. I'm moving to Estonia so they adopt me next.***

*Actually, we (I) agreed to be friends and just let it go. It was all nice and well mannered and best intentioned on both parts. Then I answered a personal ad online and hopefully I'll have a date by next week! Sweet!

**seriously though, Angelina? Eat something already.

***Okay, well 2005 was also the year MKD and AP got engaged, so that was good too. I also aced all my library classes. And got a job. Soooo.. the moral of this blog is, uh.. whatever. Happy New Year bitches!