Monday, December 26, 2005

wasted and washed up

Christmas was good. Basically, my mother and I low-keyed it the whole weekend, watching the dregs of Blockbuster movies and eating cookies. I think I may have atrophied at least .05% of my muscle mass.

Blockbuster at Christmas is not a fun place to be or to go to, and really, even the fact that it exists is kinda a pain in the ass. There is definitely little xmas spirit at play when people realize the magnitude of 24-48 hours with family all in one house with nothing to do. They want their movies and they want a lot of them and if you get in their way, watch out. They have snatchy, grabby hands and they aren't afraid to claw your eyes out in order to get to that last DVD first. I'm pretty sure the Christmas staff at Blockbuster are all Kung-fu masters but they are only authorized to intervene when the cash register is in immediate peril.

My non-scientific examination of the most popular movie at Blockbuster this weekend:

The Brothers Grim- only to annoy me, because I really wanted to see that movie and Blockbuster only had like 10 copies to rent. Yes, 10 copies, compared to a whole wall of XXX: State of the Union. Which, if you couldn't already guess, were all there, collecting dust.

Also popular: Serenity (Oh, so no one watched the show and it got canceled but suddenly we all looooove the movie. Posers), The 40 Year Old Virgin, and The March of the Penguins

Unpopular movies included The Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, War of the Worlds, My Date with Drew*, and some other crap I also avoided**.

A real scientific analysis of the weekend rentals will probably reveal that all of the popular movies were the new releases for that week. Whatever.

In other news, I ate a lot of cookies. And chocolate. I slept a lot and I watched almost an entire episode of Celebrity Poker on Bravo, featuring two members of Everyone Loves Raymond.

*My Date with Drew I really don't understand. There was a whole wall of this movie and I don't even think it was in the theaters. A movie about a man obsessed with Drew Barrymore? What?

**Um, okay, I rented War of the Worlds. Just because I hate Tom Cruise doesn't mean I won't enjoy watching the world get destroyed by aliens. Although, next time, I'll just go with Independence Day.