Sunday, February 19, 2006

and another thing

I've been thinking about this lost blog o' mine and I have decided not to try and piece it back together.  Although I'm sure re-writing it would make it even greater, I feel a strange sense of destiny or karmic justice about loosing my Valentine's Day post.  Like my poor lost heart. 


I'm a man-eater, baby!  I'm cruel and unusual punishment!  I'm the spiked heel on the patent leather shoe of Love!  I chew hearts for breakfast and then I slurp up souls for an afternoon snack!  I'm a Goddess, a Vixen, an Untouchable Bitch of Sex and Love and Lust and All Those Other Things You Think About Late at Night or When Watching HBO's Taxi Cab Confessions.  Shit, I AM Taxi Cab Confessions.

You: "Dear Taxi driver, I have to admit: the Center of the Universe."
Taxi Driver: "Nuff said, my boy.  Nuff Said."

Ok, I'm not those things either.  Although there was one time I went to this happy hour with some friends and someone pointed out, coincedentally, that I had made out with 50% of the group's total number of people. All of whom, also coincedentally, are all on my blog link list.

Sorry things didn't work out.  Love the blog!

I know what you are thinking.  Before you get all huffy about Slutty McSlut here-- it was only 3 people.  Making out with 3 out of 6 is totally acceptable. 

And another another thing- Neil Gaiman is not a good writer.  There.  I said it.