Friday, March 17, 2006

hot and fresh

I am at this moment in a computer lab waiting to take my comprehensive exams.  I have 13 minutes to kills, so what better way than to blog?  Right?  I heart you guys.

Just so you know, it was Samuel Green in 1876 who said reader's need Information, Instruction and Guidance.

Also, thanks to the Book Hater, I know who Rangathan is and why his third law does not apply to digital resources.   Sweet!

Here is what I am hoping in the next three hours-

My carpal tunnel doesn't act up.
My ass doesn't act up.
I don't freeze and forget everything.
I am not asked specific questions about anything, but instead am required to make big vague statements about everything.

Comps are pass/fail so I feel all of this is in my favor.  I'm gonna slap this test on the ass and make it call me daddy.