Monday, March 06, 2006

other things not about my ass

Well kiddies, turns out those pesky comprehensive exams o'mine are right around the corner! And by "right around the corner", I mean, in a leetle bit over ten days. Good thing I've been studying all semester!

Or, um, watching tv all semester... shit.

In tv related procrastination news, I JUST DISCOVERED the glory that is Veronica Mars.

Oh, Veronica! You're snarky commentary and crime-fighting know-how really impress the pants off of me. Well, metaphorically speaking. I'm not crazy about blonds.

I pirated (and by "pirated", RIAA, I mean, "borrowed from an anonymous internet friend") the first season and started watching it on my Personal Multimedia Center while riding the metro.

Did I tell you all about the Personal Multimedia Center? I think I did. But I need to brag some more.

Oooh, shiney! Oooh, plays video AND music AND plugs in to any computer just like a thumb drive!! On USB 2.0 ports! Oooh, you're so friggin jealous!

Part of the reason for buying the MPC (other than my need for new and shiney toys) was so I could watch anime on the Metro. I mean, that's a whole two hours commuting during which I could be watching more tv! However, as it turns out, watching subtitled fast-paced animation is not so easy on a 2 by 2 inch screen.

But then, Veronica came to me...

This is her "I'm not taking any more of this teen crime around here!" face.

Everybody in the world was all, "If you loved Buffy, you'll like Veronica Mars!", so I totally stayed away from it. Don't get me wrong, I heart Buffy in a big way, but I just can't stop the inner 13 year old in my head from refusing to join any club that wants her as a member. The Center of the Universe is not a joiner.

Also, I think Veronica Mars premiered when I still cared about the fate of those stupid people on Lost. I don't care about them anymore. They can all get eaten by sharks. In fact, if they all get eaten by sharks, I might tune in. It would be the only episode where anything happens and thankfully, it would also be the end. The mysterious island? It had sharks. The end.

Life with Veronica Mars is way better. Aaaand there is a new episode March 15th! I can't catch you up on the plot at all, that would take a good half hour and at least one beer.

Here's hoping they ask a question about Veronica and her love triangle with Logan and Duncan on my comps test! I would be so all over that.