Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i'm easy, simple, and fast

You know what I did last monday? I researched and wrote a ten page paper.

I RESEARCHED and WROTE a TEN PAGE paper. In a day.

Honestly, I am the coolest person on the planet.

Even though it is the crappiest paper ever and I was kinda afraid to read it. And when I say "kinda", I mean "tried very hard to edit it for grammer without examining content, because I was pretty sure the content was total crap."

And having edited it, I really couldn't tell you how crap it was, because I really just did spell check and the peace the fuck out.

So, my time with Library Science school draws to a close. Tuesday, I made my last PowerPoint presentation. For that oh-so-intellectually challenging project, I pretended to organize my craft supplies.

My organizational schema? Just like me, it had to be easy, simple, and fast. I got a chuckle when I flashed a picture of myself with those words printed across my face. Those librarians--whatta tough crowd. I think my double entendre was a little too subtle for them, since the week before some girl presented on her project: organizing her underwear collection.

Apparently, the girl has got some cah-razy panties.

I wouldn't know, I skipped that class. (Oh yeah, I'm a rebel.)

Two finals this week and I'm done.

I'm done? Really? How underwhelming.

Everyone keeps asking me what my post-graduate plans are and frankly its pretty much: Do the same stuff I'm doing now. Without homework.

Library Science is the shizzle! Fo dizzle!

In other news, I was walking down the street the other night, holding my special lady friend's hand (I know, right? Ew.) when two other probable homos crossed in front of us. And I totally got the "hey, homo" head nod and smile from one of them! Me! Me, the non-gayest gay-ish girl in the city!

So I was like, "that's right lesbian, what's up!" And we high fived, exchanged secret homosexual handshakes, and conspired against good christian folk everywhere.