Thursday, April 20, 2006

the most political blog i will ever write

Walking to work the other day, I thought of about five different topics to blog on. There's my recent trip to Venezuela. The continuing horror of Library Science School.* The dream I had where I finally came up with the difference between 70s Punk NY Scene music and Current Punky Pop ala The Killers or Franz Ferdy (I call it New New Wave. Genius!).

And how President Bush reminds me of King George.

Remember old Georgie III? Once upon a time he said, "Hullo Gov'nor! Let's tax the tea! Brilliant! Hip hip, what."
And the colonials said: "Yo, that's not cool."
Georgie Porgie replied: "Oy, you poofters, I'm the King and I say so!"

So, then some hundreds of yeas later, I hear El Presidente Bush say:

"I'm the decider and I make the decisions!"

King George III sure looks familiar...

And once more, for emphasis: "I'm the Decider and I make the Decisions!"

The best I can do is sputter and fume about this, with some intermittent mumbles of "democratic government", "elected by the people", and "tyrant" thrown in for good measure. And it is! Its nothing less that tyranny! Tyranny, I say! The word boils my patriotic good ole Born-In-The-USA blood! I feel the wrath of my colonial ancestors! I have to use exclamation points! to! express! my! colonially-inspired! rage!!! He is the DECIDER and he MAKE THE DECISIONS?! Why, he can just go ahead and quarter a standing army in my backyard while he is at it!

Sputter! Cough! Tyrant! Fume!

*Actual questions asked about the soon to be due 10 page term paper:
"What is the maximum number of pages we can write?"
"Then what is the minimum?"

PS. All rights for those images belong to other people. No suing.
PPS. Dear Homeland Security, I'm just kidding. And everything I download from the Internet is actually a backup copy of something I already own. I swear. -Center