Sunday, April 09, 2006

oy, in a non-punk wa

I am SO busy!  My life has exploded with things to do.  Most of them are the kind that I don't actually want to do, like going to work and doing homework.  Even work has been busy.  I've actually been working at work!  That and chatting via gmail.  All day.  Gawd I love google.

So let's play a quick game of catch-up, shall we?  I don't have time for a real blog.

My recent life in ten points or less:

1. Ass surgery- I think I've said enough on this topic, for all of us.

2. Comps- So one of my profs took it upon herself to discuss how people actually answered some of the comp questions and now I am pretty sure I may have just failed one of them.  Maybe.  As long as I don't get a phone call from the dean between now and the 27th, I'm good.  So, if anyone tries to call- I'm not answering my phone and I may not be checking my messages either.

3. Dates- that crazy lezz I posted about before?  Not as terribly crazy as one would have assumed from her crazy ass messaging about fuck buddies and ex-girlfriends.  In fact, rather fun and easy to spend time with.  So like real lesbians, we spent three out of the last five days together.  Someone get me my Lesbian ID card!

4. Class and subsequent homework- Yuck.  I took all of the get-out-of-class-freebies I could for surgery and such, so now I must attend every single class from here to graduation.  Again, yuck.

5.  Work- Also, yuck.  Why is it so busy?  I don't know.  The only thing I do know is that my freecell skillz will really start to fade if things don't lighten up.  Also. I used up all my sick time and vacation time for surgery and comps, so I actually have to be there all the time.  What is that?  Boo.

6. Venezuela- Next weekend.  This is why #4 and #5 have been so all-consuming.  I'm trying to get my shizz done so I can live "la vida loca" "down Mexico way".  And by Mexico, I mean Venezuela.
7. Semi-Vacation-  how could I have spent three out of five days with a lesbian if I was so busy with homework and work and such?  Both la madre and the frenchguy were OUT OF TOWN this past week!  Woo!  House party!  By myself!  And then I invited the lezz over and went homo the rest of the week.  However, rest assured I did make time for the 4 hour premieres of Degrassi and Instant Star on Friday.  Aside to the Analyst- Paige Michalchuk is a LESBIAN?!  What?!  It so goes there.

8. Um, so, anyone want to do my taxes?

That's all I can think of and also, I need to start doing some homework already.  Gah!  The madness will end in about a month, when I graduate and get the fuck out of Libray school.  Thank gawd!  I'm so done being a student.

So seriously, anyone for taxes?