Friday, May 12, 2006

i haven't actually run out of things to talk about

Oh man blogosphere, have I ever run out of things to say.  I don't know what it is-- I have plenty to talk about, and lord knows the past 3 years of blogging hasn't exactly been Pulitzer-worthy stuff-- but I just can't seem to get over this blogger's block. 

But don't worry, I'm not one of those quitters that ups and leaves a blog just because they run out of material.  In fact, the more inane and superficial, the better!  I don't have anything important to say and I'm running with it!  Publish that, Washington Express!

(I really hope they publish that.)

Now, on to the crap:

So, after tomorrow, I officially start my Post Graduate Life.  I'm not sure how different the PGL will be from my graduate years, since its not like I really did much of my homework or read any of the books or anything.  OK, scratch that.  I did my homework but it was usually the night or two before, and I really only read the things I had to read in order to do the homework at the last minute.  I will, however, proudly admit that I only ever got one extension on a paper, and that was during the Ass Surgery days (which are officially totally over!).  Let's face it, if I'm not feeling challenged, I will half ass it.  But I also happen to be in the small percentage of the population that can half ass with great success. 

I'm actually pretty comfortable knowing this about myself.  I know people who hate themselves because things come easy to them.  I say, if it comes easy, go with it!  Then go home and watch tv!  I also know people who have to put in 300% of the effort I do in order to get the same grade I will.  To them I say, congrats!  You worked hard and you earned what you got!  Its the American Way-- in theory.

I think about my new and shiny MLS and all of the billions of times I complained about how stupid and easy the program was.  And yet, on the other side of the degree (ok, by a day), it actually seems like a lot of hard work.  Maybe its because I worked while earning my degree.  And there is the parental divorce, the sorta coming-out, the commuting from the suburbs, to throw into the pot.  I spose I should mention rising gas prices, the war, Brittney's second baby, blah di blah, other world events and so on, too.

It hasn't exactly been the easiest two years in history.

But then again, when was?

I may half ass things, but when I actually get to work, I work pretty hard.  And in other parts of my life, where there are challenges aplenty, I work even harder.  PS, I'm also entirely unforgiving with myself for any kind of failure.  Which is why for a long time, I hardly started anything.  If you don't play, you can't loose.  I'm not kidding.  I wouldn't even play a game of cards, if I could avoid it.  Hearts was extremely anxiety inducing for many years.

I've gotten to the point in my life where my mantra/motto/catch-phrase is "Do It Anyway".  Its not exactly inspiring or self-esteem inflating, I know.  But when it comes time to face a challenge, and I get that sense of dread, the fear of failure, the anxiety around socializing and being social, I say, "Do It Anyway".  It actually works for me, it gets me out the door and out into the world.  That's how I Internet-date, how I make new friends, how I travel internationally by myself, how I talk to strangers, how I do most of my life, minus the times I am around the very very very small number of people whose company does not suck from me my will to live.  Except for when Veronica Mars is on, natch.

The other day, the SLF had some questions about Shakespeare.  I pointed her to the World Shakespeare Bibliography.  Later in the week, she got confused and I successfully explained to her (a non library scientist) the difference between a bibliography, a catalog, and a full text database (there is a difference).  Then I found Library of Congress Subject Headings she could use as access points to generate relevant titles for her search.   In like, 10 minutes.

Hell yeah, bitches!  Master of Library Science in the hizzouse!

PS I found an awesome row house in DC to move into, I'm officially in charge of the entire Monastery Archves project as of June, I GRADUATE TOMORROW, and my new psycho-pharmacologist said talking to me was an excellent start to her day.  The moral of this blog?  My life is mine and I totally rock it.