Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am so in love with Google. I believe I have already described my devotion to gmail and gmail chat. I also have a deep fondess for the google toolbar and its spam-blocking pop-up bitch slapping abilities.

But my most recent love? Google Calendar! It links right off of my gmail page, so I can look at it anywhere, anytime. Also, I can edit the colors of events. In the month I've been calendaring, I've gone from hot pink to orange to, now, a lovely lilac.

Also, there is pretty good functionality as far as event management. You can set privacy limits, create guest viewers, make repeating appointments and events, blah blah blah.

But really, its SUCH a nice lilac. I just like looking at it. I appear to be so busy, and yet, in such a lovely color scheme, I feel no stress viewing it.

My most recently added event were the semi-monthly non-exempt pay day schedules for the next 6 months. Now that I will be moving on up to the NorthEast side, I've got to be better about managing the mula. As it turns out, today is pay day! Sah-weet! Because seriously, this "girlfriend" thing is starting to break the bank.

Its not like I'm the man and she's the woman and I pay her rent and take out the trash and shizz. Its more like, I suddenly have THINGS TO DO and SOMEONE TO DO THEM WITH. Like, going out! Seeing movies! Restaurants! Buying new clothes so I don't have to go home and change! Beer! Gay clubs! Its a very exciting gay new world for me and I want to participate in it. Too bad the gay costs money. Sure, we could be sitting around the house with her or my gay soon-to-be roommates, not spending money and homo-ing on our own, but where the eff is the fun in that?

More gay news: In a stunning turn of events, all of my friends are now lesbians. (Minus the Bookhater and the Frenchman. (Who are definintely sissies, knowwhatiamsaying)) In Boston, I had nothing but heteros around me and now- its the gayest gays who ever gayed. And they were all at my graduation party, where BH and Frenchy stood in a corner and were unsure of people's gender. DC in the gay hizzy!

In other money woes-- um, I bought new glasses and they are, cough cough, ahem, PRADA, BITCHES. Lenscrafters is really going up in the world. So is my Discover bill. I also got new contacts but you can't really tell as much.
These are the glasses, but mine are in a "dark tortoise" (yeah, I looked that shit up).
Don't hate cuz I'm soooo pretty in my prada.