Wednesday, July 26, 2006

peep this

So my friends, I finally have some photos of my new home in DC.

Here is my bedroom:

Its a little blurry but please notice the awesome lilac paint job (leftover from the previous tenants), the sheer plaid curtains in a soothing teal, and my inability to ever ever make my bed.

Below is the living room, featuring the AWESOME mosaic-top table I got from crackles for TEN BUCKS. On the table you will see some de-li-cious wild blueberry scones I baked just that morning, as well as the camo man shorts I have recently become obsessed with wearing every single chance I get. No, for real, every- single- chance. I finally broke down and bought a pair in khaki, so I could wear something while washing the camos.

Since I am so short, the man shorts look more like gigantic capris. And since they were originally intended for men, they have five thousand extra pockets for all of the manly things men have to carry around.

I wear them with tee shirts and my platform sparkly flip flops. This sounds strange, but I'd like to think I rock them. Oh yes, rock them all night long.

However, in the end, its five thousand degrees outside in DC with a bajillion percent humidity, so I really don't care whether or not YOU think I rock them, its too fucking hot for your opinion to matter. PS I also chopped all my hair off again for the exact same reasons. Pictures of that posted lordknowswhen.

Back to the apartment:

And here, belove-eds, is my kitchen (as seen looking in from the living room). Notice, again, the lovely paint job left by our landlord. Decorating is so much easier when the color scheme has already been laid out for you. Of course, having money to decorate is much much easier then just trying to decorate with nothing. Le sigh.

And as a little preview, here are photos of the n-used couch and chair we picked up last night, also via craigslist, and for a whopping fifty smackers. Retro-shabby-licious!

Last night, I laid on the loveseat and watched Law and Order while the roommies crashed on the couch. There was space for everyone.

Update in the war to get the new cat to love me the most: This morning, the cat sat on my lap. OF HIS OWN FREE WILL.

I think our neighbors stole our trash can and have it stashed in their house. I don't know what it is, but apparently the green trash can (one of a set all residents are supposed to have-- green for trash, blue for recycling) is quite the hot commodity in Washington, DC. Two have been stolen from our property already.

The landlord had hers stolen while she lived there and then ordered us a new one before we moved in. It promptly disappeared the next morning. So we share with the hippy neighbors next door (to the left), but I've got my eye on the weirdos to the right. I swear, the other night I spotted a set through the window, yet every week this one guy emerges and drags out giant black Hefty bags. If they have a can, why aren't they using it? And whats in the giant bags? Body parts? Nuclear waste? Are they hoarding trash can stealers from another planet? I'm on the case.