Thursday, September 14, 2006

too early for xmas?

There are so! many! things! that I want right now. I made the mistake of dragging the special lady friend to The Paper Source in Georgetown the other day. Once that tiny hint of fall came blowing in on a 65 degree breeze, my need to CRAFT THINGS NOW exploded into full force. I've already knitted a scarf, made numerous origami boxes, an origami nun, a pig, and an illustrated label for my cupcake change jar*.

Also, I bought a duck paper cutter thingy- yes, it cuts the shape of a ducky out of a piece of paper. Yes, I fully plan to spend the rest of my life making duck-shaped confetti out of pretty pieces of paper (see image above).

I really really really need these japanese paper prints. And I need a lot of them, because I want to wallpaper my life with them.

Also, abnormally small luggage containers:

And last, but not least, oh no, is this egg shaped planter. You can grow basil in the egg!

I don't think I can live without these things. Really. Really, I MIGHT DIE WITHOUT THEM.

However, this crafty season I think I will take up the DIY banner and try to make all new crafts with old recycled things. No new purchases! No new credit cards for said new purchases!

*This ingenious idea was thought up by The Analyst circa 2002-2003. Needing to do something with all of the loose change floating around the apartment, I took an empty glass pasta sauce jar and cut open a slot in the lid with a hammer and a screw driver. Voila, instant apartment change jar! Then The Analyst decided that having cupcakes in the fridge at all times was to be LAW in our apartment (after one of us bought some cupcakes on lark and we all realized that life simply isn't good enough if cupcakes aren't involved) so she slapped a label on it reading "Cupcake Money". You would not believe how willing people were to part with their loose change when it involved cupcakes.