Wednesday, November 01, 2006

its an update!

I'm not feeling the blog lately.  Can you tell?  If there were a sudden apocalypse of some kind (unlike all those planned apocalypses, I guess) and all that remained of my life were this blog, then it would be like October 2006 never ever existed.

The Special Lady Friend and I were discussing the month of Octover last night and we decided to give it a THUMBS DOWN!  It was kind of a suck-fest.  Work stress, life stress, an increasing addiction to sugar and all things sugary...

So, BOOOOOO October!

Here are the few fun things that happened, in no order:

Went to the Renn Fest with some peeps (all bloggers, coincedentally).  Managed to eat enough turkey from everyone else's turkey legs that I didn't have to buy my own.  Also ate: corn on the cob, cheesecake on a stick, pecan pie a la mode, and drank a lot of beer and mead.

Taught myself how to crochet.  Guess who's getting crocheted goodies for Xmas?  That's right, You!!

Forgot how to crochet.  Re-taught self.  More goodies on the way!

Halloween spent watching an excellent episode of Veronica Mars.  I'll have you know that now that FOX has moved House to Tuesdays at 9, I was forced to choose sides.  And I chose Veronica.

During excellent VM episode, little neighborhood kiddies came to door.  The SLF hands out the candy and compliments a little girl on her costume.  The girl replies, "You're a pretty boy!"


My roommate, Killy's Mo, laughed so hard she had to sit down.  I may have even cried a little, from the laughter.