Monday, November 13, 2006

the most wonderful time

It IS the most wonderful time! Of the year!

Here at the Center of the Universe, I have decided to fully embrace the pre-Christmas extravaganza of the fall shopping season. So what, it isn't even Thanksgiving and CVS has their Christmas aisle up the day after Halloween? I don't care! I love Christmas! Christmas decorations for sale at CVS? Awesome! Fake Christmas trees at Michaels? Not so awesome but my roommate fears a fire-y death, so let's do it! I've already made preliminary holiday party plans* and Christmas cookie baking recipe hunts and you wouldn't believe the crafty ideas I have come up with for Christmas gifts.

In other wonderful time news:

The Detroit Cobras played a show at the Black Cat and I was there! And not only was I there, but I was cool. Killy, the roommate, Mo, the other roommate, and the SLF and I hung out at the bar and watched the whole show. Personally, I have always felt a little extra nerdy at concerts. You either push your way to the front with the diehards and suffer the extreme uncomfortableness of having a gazillion people pressed up against you, or you're somewhere in the back, furtively glancing about to make sure everyone else is singing and dancing too. Heaven forbid you're all alone with the singing and the dancing. Your beer gets jostled, your feet hurt, you have to hold your jacket the whole time (tie it around your waist? Gah. Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!), and somehow, while juggling all this, try and pretend like watching a bunch of dudes play guitar and sing is actually exciting.

But sitting at the bar? SO AWESOME. My beer has a place to rest, my feet are hooked in the bar stool rungs, I'm sitting on my jacket, and I can sing and dance to my heart's content because the bartender laughs and thinks its cool when I'm way into the music. Plus, it also helped that the show was on a Sunday night, it was rainy and cold, and there weren't that many people there. I had an excellent view of the stage.

PS The Detroit Cobras rock. The lead sounds like she has been drinking and smoking since birth and as it turns out, while singing, she drinks and smokes! I love her.