Thursday, December 14, 2006

princess of poo

There is a gastro-intestinal thing going around and I caught it this weekend.  And it was the worst thing EVER.

I mean, you really can't get much worse than gastroenteritis.  MKD had it awhile back and I believe she referred to it using the term "piss ass".  Yeah.  Exactly.

Viral gastroenteritis is caused by a number of different viruses.  Being the nerd that I am, I looked them all up and settled on the one I think I had:

"..the noroviruses being the most common and most responsible for infecting people. The noroviruses are usually responsible for epidemics of viral gastroenteritis and occur more frequently from October to April. Infected people experience vomiting and diarrhea, fatigue, headache, and sometimes muscle aches. The symptoms appear within 1 to 3 days of exposure."    (

The only thing I didn't do this weekend, in the line of things that happen when you've been exposed to a "stomach bug", is have a fever.  Nope, no fever.  But I still had THE MOTHER of all viruses.  The kind that makes you CHOOSE which end of yourself should be facing the toilet-- BOTH NEED IT, but unless you happen to be posh or from France and therefore own a bidet, one end of you is just plain out of luck, get what I'm saying?  Yeah.  That kinda virus.

Saturday night, I had a turkey burger and fries for dinner.  Sunday morning, I learned that the digestive process is actually a lot slower that I ever imagined.  If you are even the slightest bit suspicious that you may have been exposed to a strain of viral gastroenteritis, PLEASE DO NOT EAT A TURKEY BURGER.  Especially one topped with bacon and Muenster cheese.

In fact, I really can't dwell too long on that topic, it still upsets me.

Anyway, I'm alive.  And today, Wednesday, I'm proud to say that I ate foods that were not jello, chicken soup, or saltines.

Special aside to Killy- sorry for making you sick.  But last one to puke in the toilet has to clean it, nyah nyah.