Monday, February 12, 2007

trash can update

Some time ago, I mentioned that our trash can went missing. I suspected my strange neighbors of being "hoarding trash can stealers from another planet" because its so not like me to overreact or embellish a story.

Turns out, it was not our strange neighbors-to-the-right (versus the hippies to the left), but the shoddy construction crew putting up a GIANT house right across the street from us.

Seriously, this house has been in the building process since before we moved in June. At that time, there were maybe two people doing all the building. They dug a massive hole, piling dirt right next to the house-area, which then ran all down the street whenever it rained. At some point, I think they got reported to somebody for their oh-so-obviously illegal construction practices, because a whole crew showed up for awhile and got some shizz done. But then it went back to two or three dudes.

Its monstrously large. We live on a street of typical DC rowhouses, all the same height and width. This house is like, five billion stories tall and extremely wide. I'm pretty sure that it is actually going to be a condo style building, with each floor (including a basement) as a separate apartment. I'm also pretty sure that it is taller than the Capitol, which makes it illegal in the District.

Anyways, we finally went ahead and ordered a new trash can from the DC govt. Funnily enough, that same day, our old trash can showed up at our house! With obvious signs of the same dirt that ran all over the street during rain storms in it! Now we have two trash cans. Its pretty awesome.

Also, the neighbors-to-the-right might not be trash can stealers, but I did see the dude going through our recycling bin a few weeks ago. He took out some Styrofoam and cardboard. They also like to do karaoke late at night, with what sounds like the same Casiotone keyboard I had in the mid-1980s. You could push a button and it would play a background track that you could then jam too. My favorite was the Bossa Nova.

Mine actually had less "piano" keys