Wednesday, March 14, 2007

like, whoa

I'm not dead, I just started a new job, hence the lack of postage on
the webage. I got a job with a contractor working for a government
agency. Technically, I am not a government employee. I still had to
sign my life away in confidentiality statements.

New jobs are so exciting. Except that I'm in a cube in a room where
NO ONE TALKS TO ANYONE. Seriously, they've taken this whole
"shuuush!" librarian thing a little too far. And, they're way strict
on non-work computer usage, being on time in the morning, and not
taking extra long lunches. Whats up with that?

However, going from a computer on a table in a underground storage
facility to a cube in a nice heated building with windows and
everything is a pretty nice upgrade. Plus, I'm making the BIG BUCKS.

Also, I'm attending conferences! And getting library association
memberships, free to me! And as an added bonus, a teeny tiny red
spider crawled down a strand of web RIGHT IN MY FACE TODAY.