Monday, April 02, 2007


Now that I am downtown and have a billion and one places to spend my sweet sweet salary on lunch time items, I have taken to going out and "walking" during my lunch "hour" (its only 30 minutes, LAME).

I say "walking" because even though I am pursuing physical exercise, I am also

1. Smoking at least one cigarette on the journey.
2. Looking for places to "treat" myself.

Now that its Spring-ish in the D of C, the tourists have come out in their normal swarming hordes. 

On today's walk to and from CVS for chocolate chip cookies, I overheard a woman admonishing a teenager:

"Don't go doing that again, this isn't Cornfield County, its DC!!"

And then her friend said, "That's right! Its DEE CEE!!"