Saturday, June 30, 2007

where the hell did june go?

But seriously, wasn't it May like yesterday?

I hate being busy, I really do.  I so much prefer having nothing planned and therefore doing nothing until the mood strikes to do something.  Maybe this explains the massive amounts of TV I watch.  And the romance novels.

Ok, its true.  I read romance novels.  Actually, I read paranormal dark fantasy romance novels.  My romance novels have vampires and werewolves and are therefore, I think, slightly less embarrassing than your run of the mill romance novels. 

I also love mutants, fairy tales, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And now its time to change the subject.

Things I did in June--

Two librarian conferences: Totally exhausting.  You're government agency employer closes one library (or five) and suddenly you're the Antichrist.  Jerks.

The strip club:  Since AP is the "butch" one in the relationship, we decided to do the whole bachelor party deal and go to a strip club.  I was so nervous about it, I actually changed my outfit twice before going.  But really?  What the hell do you wear to a strip club?  Turns out, naked ladies dancing on poles-- totally underwhelming.  They didn't so much dance as sway back and forth, flip their hair once or twice, and bend over.  And there wasn't a backstage, so they totally had to put their "clothes" (lingerie) back on while still on stage, which kinda killed the mood, know-what-I'm-saying?  Nothing like watching a suddenly bored naked lady shrug back into her barely there clothing, then leave the stage to collect tips.

Denver: Whoa.  Too many streets in perfectly linear order.  Also, what's with the lack of oxygen?  I'm pretty sure that whole western friendliness thing is because everyone who lives there is kinda high all the time.

The wedding:  So damn beautiful, during the ceremony I looked down at my flowers and realized I was shaking from the overwhelming urge to bawl like a friggin' baby.  After, I went up to the bridal suite to switch into my flip flops and almost started sobbing just looking at the happy couple.  Luckily, it was an open bar, and I was able to drown my emotions in cosmos. 

I did get to see Al Gore speak and decided that saving the environment is way cool.  The other day I actually picked up someone else's discarded newspaper from the Metro platform and recycled it.  Take that, global warming!