Monday, July 23, 2007


That's right, I finished Harry Potter and I'm about to spill the beans:


Dumbledore dies.

Harry's nickname is Roonil Wazlib.

Ron kissed a girl!

HAHA!  Those are the HP6 beans!  Suckers!  You were all like, "OH NO THE HUMANITY she's gonna tell!", but you kept reading, didn't you! and I totally got you.

I did read HP7 this weekend, though instead of dweebing it up at a bookstore and purchasing the HP at midnight, I ordered from Amazon.  I'm sorry, but Friday was the Midnight Buffy Sing Along Extravaganza, and that pretty much trumps anything (and is not dweeby, at all, ok?  Its geek-chic.  There is a significant difference.)

Anyways, I placed my order early enough so that Amazon guaranteed Saturday delivery, or my money back, plus I had a giftcard, so it was free-to-me!  However, the book wasn't delivered to my house until well past 5pm. 

Around 10 AM, while I'm snoozing in bed, I hear a loud knock at the door.  Still asleep-ish, I jump out of bed, run downstairs screaming HarryPotterHarryPotterHarryPotter and throw the door open only to reveal a Jehovah's Witness with some flyers detailing my potential personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. 

It was like one of those slo-mo montages in a movie: the door opens and I'm grinning like a kid at Christmas.  The guy hands me something. I reach for it but no, no, no dear god no, it isn't 800-some pages of Harry goodness, it is a sheet of paper with a glamor shot of Jesus cuddling babies and lambs or some shit and I look up at the guy with such horror and contempt, I think he actually took a step back, away from the door.  But seriously, who the heck makes house-calls on Harry Potter Day?!  Even Jesus himself knows better than to show up empty-HP7-handed at someones doorstep on July 21st.

By Saturday at 2 AM, I had about 200 pages to go.  Sunday, agonizingly, I had to run errands.  I finally got back to HP around 5 pm, and I finished by 7.  It was good.

So was Buffy, by the way. 

So, also, were the 3 episodes of Xena, Warrior Princess, that I watched online via the Netflix Watch it Now feature, starting around 7:30.  I mean, really, what the hell else do you do at 7:30 on a Sunday night when you have just finished HP7?